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The Atlantis Vault is a one of a kind geothermal vault designed for simple installation and trouble-free operation. The Atlantis Vault is a totally self contained, prefabricated vault constructed of high density polyethylene. Basic components include: custom sized supply and return headers, butterfly valves, p/t ports, sump pump, ladder, catwalk, and manhole. Each vault is custom built to meet the customers specific needs for each job. Main pipe sizes are available in 3" - 12", with circuit pipe sizes available in 2" - 4". Additional pipe sizes may be custom designed based on project specifications. An Atlantis Mini Vault is also available for smaller sized headers. Please contact us if you would like a more information on The Atlantis Vault.

The vault exterior is constructed of PE4710 polyethylene flat stock with a minimum cell classification 445574C - the same material as the pipe. All vault wall joints are extrusion welded to create strong, solid, water tight joints. Much like the buried heat exchanger pipe itself, the polyethylene vault exterior will never corrode, stress crack, or need replacement.
All circuit piping penetrating the exterior vault wall is extrusion welded to the wall to prevent infiltration. Once welded, the exterior wall and header piping become one homogeneous material and promote leak free operation.
Internal bracing on the top, bottom, and sides of the interior make the vault extremely solid and sturdy. Braces are spaced at a maximum of 24". The offset over and under supply and return configuration not only allows easy access to p/t ports and butterfly valves, but also allows spacing for and simplifies exterior fusion to circuit pipes. The catwalk provides a safe working platform when inside the vault. All fittings, including branch saddles, service saddles, butterfly valves, p/t ports, and flanges are tested to meet the highest standard of quality and to further insure the longevity of the Atlantis Vault.
The header piping system is pressure tested to 100psi during fabrication to ensure a leak free piping system. All header fusion joints are made and tested in controlled conditions by trained and qualified personnel ensuring a quality piping system. The ports used for pressure testing also serve as purge ports during system flushing after installation.
AV-0508-0027.jpgThe use of high density polyethylene for the main body of the Atlantis Vault makes it lighter than other vaults and easily handled, maneuvered and set in place with minimal equipment. This saves the installer both time and money while promoting a quality installation.
Installing The Atlantis Vault is simple - dig a hole, set the vault, connect the circuits and backfill. A concrete footing poured around the base of the vault anchors it and while preventing the potential for floating in areas of high groundwater.