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Geothermal Supply Company, Inc. is a nationwide provider of quality geothermal products and services to the ever growing geothermal industry. Whether you are a system designer, system installer, or system owner – our job is to make your job easier. As a leader in our industry, we strive to do that by listening to our customers needs and providing innovative solutions through unequaled customer service.

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A Leader In Our Industry

GSC holds tightly to our goal of being the best fabricator and accessories manufacturer in the geothermal industry by applying shared values to anticipate and fulfill the requirements of our domestic and international customers.

What Do We Do?

Geothermal Supply Company strives to provide the geothermal industry with needed services to ensure quality in all phases of the process, from design to start-up. Our services include: commercial and residential design assistance, technical assistance, fusion training, tool repair, rentals, piping and custom fabrication!



Geothermal Supply Company provides a wide range of custom polyethylene fabrications.


Geothermal Supply Company offers a wide variety of geothermal products. We supply a wide range of products including HDPE pipe, prefabricated vaults and custom manifolds. We design and manufacture many of our products ourselves to ensure the highest of quality and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the geothermal industry with quality components necessary for proper geothermal installation and operation. While most of our products are represented here, GSC may be able to provide other items that are not found on this website. Some additional products that we are able to offer are fittings as well as prefabricated geothermal, water, and sewer vaults.


GSC offers heat fusion qualification courses to installers or individuals who wish to learn the skills and techniques required for socket and butt fusion of polyethylene pipe and fittings. We can provide geothermal installers with equipment to flush and filter debris from the system, purge trapped air bubbles, reverse flow, hydrostatically pressure test, and flow test – all from one convenient unit.


GSC offers our customers the opportunity to rent the heat fusion equipment and purging systems shown on this website. Rental fees begin when the equipment leaves the warehouse and ends when the equipment is returned to the warehouse. A Rental Agreement must be completed and Rental Guidelines must be agreed upon to in order to process your rental.


GSC can provide a wide range of custom polyethylene fabrications. Our fabrication shop is staffed and equipped to provide fittings, specialty products, vaults and structures. We currently fabricate geothermal vaults, water meter vaults, sewer air relief vaults, reducing tees, custom headers, ice rink headers, custom fittings as well as custom length loops and coils. Please contact us if you would like more information about our HDPE Fab Shop.

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