In January 1996, a select group of investors with over 50 years experience in the geothermal marketplace, formed Geothermal Supply Company, Inc. The company’s founders realized there was a need to fill a void and help grow the industry by introducing Geothermal Supply Co., Inc., a company to manufacture and fabricate specialty accessories for the geothermal industry. It has been, and remains, our mission to be the leader in our field. GSC, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality products, unequaled customer service, and a vast knowledge of geothermal technology.

GSC, Inc. was built on the premise that our job is to make our customers job easier; thereby, making the installation of geothermal systems easier. With this as our driving force, we have brought to the industry many innovative products.

GSC, Inc. is proud to say we offer an array of products spanning installation to maintenance. We offer fabricated fittings, headers, commercial manifolds and the revolutionary polyethylene vault. We offer products to aid in the installation of geothermal systems, such as purge pumps, fusion accessories, and others. We offer products to assist in the maintenance of geothermal systems after installation.

Geothermal Supply Company, Inc. holds tightly to our goal of being the best fabricator and accessories manufacturer in the geothermal industry by applying shared values to anticipate and fulfill the requirements of our domestic and international customers.