Ice Rink Piping

Geothermal Supply Company custom fabricates specialty HDPE headers for ice rink piping. Header pipe saddle fitting spacing of 7” O.C. is standard and allows for 3.5” O.C. floor pipe spacing. Custom fabricated U-bend fittings are available that allow floor piping to be installed at the desired O.C. spacing.

Basic components include:

    • Main pipe sizes up to 12”
    • Reverse Return Design
    • 0.75”, 1.00” or 1.25” Cold Floor Piping
    • Warm Floor Headers and Piping
    • Flanged or Capped ends
    • Mechanical Joint Adapters
    • Outer Cold Chill Ring Piping

View our products page for comprehensive listing of all of the standard header and U-bend configurations we can provide.

Custom Headers

Geothermal Supply Company custom fabricates commercial HDPE headers for vaults, mechanical rooms, and interior take-offs. Headers can be made with mains and circuits of practically any size and configuration for various applications. Residential reducing headers are also available in any configuration.

Basic components include:

    • Main pipe sizes up to 12”
    • Circuit pipe up to any size
    • Flanges with Backup Rings
    • MPT and FPT Transitions
    • Reducers
    • Butterfly Valves
    • Circuit Balancing Valves
    • HDPE and Brass Ball Valves
    • Purge Ports
    • P/T Ports
    • Pressure and Temperature Gauges
    • Air Vents

View our products page for a comprehensive listing of the standard configurations we manufacture.

HDPE Fabrication

GSC can provide a wide range of custom polyethylene fabrications. Our fabrication shop is staffed and equipped to provide fittings, specialty products, vaults and structures. We currently fabricate geothermal vaults, water meter vaults, sewer air relief vaults, reducing tees, custom headers, ice rink headers, custom fittings as well as custom length loops and coils. If you would like more information about our HDPE fab shop, please connect with our specialists.

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