Electrofusion Processor: MSA-340 with Barcode Scanner

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The MSA-340 electrofusion processor is designed to provide precision control of the power parameters specified for an electrofusion fitting. The processor will monitor ambient conditions, and fitting output, insuring proper energy delivery is achieved.

The MSA-340 processor is a reliable, easy-to-use tool, designed to withstand conditions found at construction sites. The processor is splash proof, and highly shock resistant.

The MSA-340 processor is designed to fuse a variety of electrofusion fittings, from small service sizes, to large diameter couplers up to 26″. It can be powered by voltage from utility service, portable generators, or inverters (square, quasi,and true-sine waveforms).

The MSA-340 processor is capable of operating in ID resistor, manual, and barcode modes, using the same set of leads. There is no need to change leads for the various modes.


  • Enclosure: 13.5” x 16. 8” x 12.5” Water-resistant Copolymer Polypropylene Case
  • Weight: 52 lbs.
  • Power Cable – 12 ft.
  • Fusion Cables – 25 ft.
  • Output Cable: 25’ Fixed Mounted 4.7mm Resistor Reading Cable
  • Input Voltage 115 +/- 20% VAC (230 VAC units are available)
  • Input Frequency 50 – 70 Hertz
  • Internal Memory Capacity – 1000 fusions
  • USB Port Type A
  • Fusion voltage 8-48V
  • Operating Temperature Range -10° F to + 120° F
  • 3 operating modes:  Auto-ID, Barcode and Manual
  • Input Waveform – AC (sine. square or quasisine)
  • 6kVA – all fittings including up to 26″ IPS/660mm couplings 3.5kVA coupling up to 8″/225mm, all reducers, and all saddles (service tapping tees, high volume tapping tees and branch)