Hydro-Test Residential Kit

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The Hydro-Test Unit allows for simple and convenient hydrostatic pressure testing of virtually any piping system, but is specifically designed to pressure test geothermal loops before installation. The Hydro-Test Unit is an electric pump which comes complete with 10′ discharge hose and carrying case. Unique design allows for garden hose inlet to flush loop before pressure testing. Once the loop is filled and flushed, the Hydro-Test Unit can build up to 300 psi in seconds. Hydrostatic testing is the best and safest way to pressure test piping systems, and the Hydro-Test Unit is the simplest and most convenient way to do so.

A garden hose is connected to the pump inlet and used to fill and flush the Loop. Once it is full, the valve on the discharge adapter is closed and loop is brought to line pressure. By simply turning the switch on the pump, you can boost pressure to 150 psi, and even higher in seconds. There is an adjustable pressure relief valve to prevent over pressurization.

The supply and discharge adapters provide simple connection to the loop for pressure testing. The supply adapter provides a simple transition from the hose to the loop using quick connect couplings. It also has a shut-off valve as well as 1/4″ pressure release valve. The discharge adapter has a shut-off valve as well as a pressure gauge for accurate pressure measurement. The test cap adapters quickly and easily seal the ends of the loop and have quick connections to the supply and discharge adapters. Test cap adapters are available in 3/4″ & 1-1/4″. Other types of adapters can be supplied or fabricated for flow center connections or larger diameter pipe if required.

Basic Components Include:

  • Hydro Static Pump – 115v
  • 10’ Hose
  • Carrying Case
  • Supply Adapter
  • Return Adapter
  • 0.75” Test Cap Adapter Set
  • 1.25” Test Cap Adapter Set