McElroy 26

$12,571.60 $12,571.60



McElroy’s line of PitBull® fusion machines are compact, lightweight and rugged.
The PitBull 26 fuses pipe sizes from 2” IPS to 6” DIPS and 63mm to 180mm
depending on the model. Model comes standard with a 6” IPS insert set.
The 26 incorporates McElroy’s patented Centerline Guidance System, a semiautomatic
locking cam system that maintains force during the cooling cycle,
and the ability to fit on the Manual Fusion Machine Stand.

The 26 fusion unit has a greater mechanical advantage ratio than the
popular PitBull 14, as well as an electric facer with balance point handle for
fast facing of pipe.

Contractors and pipeliners that already own McElroy’s PolyPorter™ and
PolyHorse™ can enjoy the same benefits of the productivity-enhancing
equipment with the new PitBull 26.


  • Patented Centerline Guidance System for equal distribution of force around the joint
  • Semi-automatic locking cam system maintains force during cooling
  • Hard anodized aluminum wear surfaces for corrosion resistance
  • Serrated jaws and inserts keep pipe from slipping during fusion
  • Reversible jaws, clamp knobs, levers, and facer allow operator to fuse from either side of the machine
  • Thrust-bearing-equipped clamp knobs to minimize torque required to clamp and round pipe
  • Electric facer for fast, efficient facing
  • Microprocessor-controlled heater temperature
  • ISO-compliant industrial Teflon-coated heater plates
  • 17-to-1 Mechanical Advantage