Super Dooper Inducer

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The Super Dooper Inducer is a hand operated test pump designed to assist in pressure inducement and the introduction of Geo-Loop Conditioner. The Super Dooper Inducer requires no electricity or compressed air and has a pressure capacity of 150psi. The reservoir holds 24 oz. of fluid and the sight glass ensures no air is introduced into the system. The pump is built of non-corrosive materials (aluminum, brass, stainless steel, polyethylene), so the components will never rust or lock up. This portable unit is perfect for service calls where a quick pressure boost is required.

Just fill the reservoir with water, insert the probe into the p/t port, and pump. Once a residential system is filled with water, the Super Dooper can pressurize the system to operating pressure in no time. The built-in pressure gauge, outlet valve, and sight glass make operation easy and convenient. The adjustable pressure relief screw prevents over pressurizing and promotes safety.


  • Requires no electricity or compressed air
  • Has a pressure capacity of 150 psi
  • Holds 24 oz. of fluid
  • Sight glass insures no air is introduced into system
  • Pump built of non-corrosive materials that will not rust or lock up